Astrophobia is an indie game dev studio that does things in their own way. We make games in a connected universe that'll remind you why "Space is Scary!". From Bounty Hunters, Conspiracies, to even Car Combat. It's all connected!

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Here at Astrophobia we are making games that blend retro and modern design. Follow us on our journey through the galaxy as our story unfolds! 

Out-Class Hunter

3D Platformer | PC

Someone has taken Olieribos Station hostage. H-14 is here to take it back in Out-Class Hunter — A fast paced platformer that brings back things like hub worlds and fast gameplay!

Occultryx: Beast of Nocturne 

2.5D Platformer | PC

Occultryx: Beast of Nocturne is a story that follows the Bounty Hunter H-13 "Dysis" Hunting down a rival and elusive bounty. A werewolf master of combat who has taken over a mysterious facility on the planet Stygia. The nearby city and surrounding areas have been infected with the wolf's curse. It's Dysis' job to wade through the the creatures, hazards, and minions to track down her bounty!